Who We Are


Tonia Kempler, Founder

Tonia Kempler lives in New York, though her roots run deep in a rural south still steeped in the occult traditions of the Gullah Geechee and the animism of the Cherokees. Surrounded and empowered by the lore and practices of these supernatural cultures, Tonia leans toward macabre worlds with isolated, damaged, and yet capable and empathic female leads. This personal connection drives her concentration on Supernatural Horror/Thrillers, including features, pilots, shorts, web-series and podcasts. 

Her approach to storytelling and understanding audience engagement is fortified by a career in the Music Industry, including concert production and managing Grammy Award-winning producers, engineers and songwriters. 

Tonia has several projects currently in development and pre-production. In addition, she hones her skills as a reader for the Austin Film Festival, The Cinestory Foundation, and more. 

Recent accomplishments include placement in Page Awards, The Austin Film Festival, and The ScreenCraft Fellowship among others. Tonia is an inspired Top Tier Roadmap Writer and an active 51/50 international workshop member with the Academy of Film Writing. 

Al Finocchio, Contributor/Screenwriter

Originally hailing from the East Coast, Al Finocchio is a writer now living at the beach in Southern California. He earned his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Syracuse University, but was gun-shy about playing with toxic substances for the rest of his life and switched to theoretical work for his graduate studies at UCLA.

Al found his niche as a freelance technical writer, which allowed him to combine his science background with his love of wordsmithing while serving clients in both the biotech industry and the world of international textbook publishing. His recent segue into screenwriting saw his dark comedy “Give Love A Shot” (about a run-in between Cupid and a hitman) recognized at a number of festivals, including Austin Film Festival (Finalist), Poe Film Festival (Winner), FilmQuest Festival (Official Selection), Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (Winner), and Slamdance (Quarter-Finalist).

Al always loves the challenge of weaving the absurdity of the world around him into whatever project he’s working on, whether that’s an action, comedy, or crime story. If he can include a sci-fi element as a nod to his expensive education, all the better.

Tony Ferrendelli, Contributor/Screenwriter

Tony Ferrendelli is a Colorado native and relocated to Southern California because it does not snow. There are other reasons, but this is the short version of his bio. 

With a background in comedy, there’s usually a strong element of humor that leans toward observational or sarcastic and is present in everything he writes. 

Tony’s stories are character-driven and generally include people uncomfortable with themselves. He puts them in a situation where they must change themselves and/or their environment to move forward. He sees himself in his characters, both good and bad, and tries to infuse some of his life experiences in their dialogue and actions.

Finally, and much to the dismay of his 4th grade English teacher, and Mom, he can’t conjugate a sentence to save his life. Tony doesn’t know what a dangling participle is but knows it sounds painful. Luckily for him, screenwriting allows a little leeway in that area. 


Austin Film Festival: 2nd Rounder

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival: Winner

WeScreenplay: Finalist

Cinequest: Semi-Finalist

Screencraft: Semi-Finalist

Tableread My Screenplay: Semi-Finalist

James Headen, Marketing/Social Media Outreach

James  Headen, a native of Charlotte, finds empowerment through film, music,  and the arts. He has joined the team as a Marketing and Social Media  Consultant to grow our audience. He studied Marketing and Music Business  at the University of Georgia where he was influenced by the town’s rich  artistic history. 

James  has worked at Digital Marketing Agencies, Record Labels, Concert  Venues, and on his own as a freelance Audio Engineer. He hopes to use  the digital realm to bring greater awareness to the current, thriving  state of entertainment.